ENG 3U Lesson: Creating An Instructional Media Product for the School Drone

dji drone

Cardinal Léger’s DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone

TASK: create an instructional media product intended to teach other members of our learning community how to fly and how to take pictures and video footage using the DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone.

Your media product should include the following details:

  • Basic operating features including: installing DJI Vision App onto device; preparing remote controller; powering on flight battery; calibrating compass; remote controller settings; powering the motors; flying/landing; taking photos and filming.
  • Safety and security features (return to home)
  • Camera features and specifications

Your evaluation will be based on:

  • Co-constructed success criteria of your media product looking specifically at the communication and media studies curriculum strands.
  • Your peers will decide which videos (or other media products) will be posted / published on our school’s future blog, Twitter account, website, etc.

ENG3U Curriculum Connections:


  1. Speaking to communicate: use speaking skills and strategies appropriately to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes: 2.1 Purpose; 2.3 Clarity and Coherence; 2.4 Diction and Devices; 2.5 Vocal Strategies; 2.7 Audio Visual Aids; 3. Reflecting on Skills and Strategies


  1. Understanding Media Texts; 2.Understanding Media Forms, Conventions and Techniques; 3. Creating Media Texts;

METACOGNITION:  Reflecting on skills and Strategies


2.(c) Presents information and ideas clearly and honestly and with sensitivity to others.

2.(e) Uses and integrates the Catholic faith tradition, in the critical analysis of media, technology to enhance the quality of life.


First selfie taken by the DJI Drone in our school’s field! #LancerLearning


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