A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: OneNote The Digital Binder

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Teachers using their smart phones to take notes in a professional development workshop.

Sure, go ahead, take a pic of that slide with your smart phone but, then what do you do with it? How will you ever find it again amidst all those photos?! Most likely, it will get lost in your device’s camera reel, never to be viewed again.

Learners in today’s classrooms need to know how to make sense of their data files; they really do need a digital place for their school “stuff.” Our insatiable data consumption coupled with our growing cloud-based storage capacity, is making the management and the curation of our files an important skill for modern learners. The right tool can help. Enter: OneNote.

Microsoft’s digital binder, OneNote, solves so many of our modern learning collaboration and content sharing concerns. First, our school’s learners have access to 1 TB of cloud-based storage through their OneDrive accounts in Office 365. Let’s face it, having a big closet makes organization easier and OneNote is a massive walk-in with plenty of built-ins!

Within OneNote, learners can create binders and within those binders they can create tabs or sections. The digital pages within each section of the binder are unique because they’re unlimited! By this I mean that users are not hemmed in by the size of their screens or limited to standard page sizing. Information can, literally, be placed anywhere on the page.

Students who enjoy using the stylist can take advantage of a ton of draw tools which allow for markers, highlighters, pens: a bursting pencil case of tools. One of the more useful features of OneNote is the Screen clipping tool. Learns can easily import and then manipulate images/screenshots/information within a page and screen clipping also includes bibliographical information of where information was retrieved and when it was retrieved or pasted/inserted into OneNote.

Go ahead, take a pic of that slide but, this time, send it to OneNote and have it right where you need it when you need to access it!

onenote binder page

Have a look at this great video by Microsoft Innovative Educator, Matthew O’Brien: A OneNote Overview for Students. I’m sure you’ll find OneNote a great content organization, creation and curation solution for your learning community.


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